Online Psychotherapy, Coaching, Counselling

Meeting online can be a convenient way of regularly attending therapy for those who wish to see me but live further away, or for whom travel or time constraints make things difficult.  I'm increasingly asked whether I can provide counselling and coaching online, hence this page. 

This is an option I already offer existing and returning clients, and I now offer this option to new clients too.  This comes with the caveats below.


Working  online can be just as effective as meeting in person, but I do believe this is not right for everyone.  For example, working with certain issues may be more difficult through screens.  Another example, sometimes things like pauses or silences can feel different onscreen than when meeting in person - some people feel more averse to silences in video conferences etc.   To reflect these differences I tend to offer 45 minute individual sessions (rather than the standard 50 minutes for face-to-face meetings).

Establishing our relationship together is important, and it helps to have met in person.  For that reason I normally always ask that we meet once or twice in person before starting online work together.  We can come to an arrangement that works for us both.

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