Executive Leadership

Executive Coaching is an effective way for leaders to develop their skills and fulfil their potential.

Coaching sessions are skilled and targeted conversations that offer challenge and support to executives. Coaching can be helpful to overcome stumbling blocks, to build on strengths, to navigate politics, and to overcome any challenges you might face in your career.  This includes cultivating a leadership mentality as well as building specific skill-sets (such as public speaking etc). 

Exec Coaching is very much in vogue and there are plenty of books, courses and programmes on offer, but as a psychotherapist who combines coaching approaches we can safely explore things at a deeper level if this is necessary (and in my own experience it is often deeper, internal conflicts that stop us from reaching our goals). I work with individuals who come to me directly and have worked with many C-suite executives, and I’m also happy to work with H.R. departments to help structure a service for your organisation.

Here are some benefits of Executive Coaching for individuals and organisations:



  • Preparation for role/career changes
  • Interview preparation 
  • Methods of managing stress, change, conflict or crisis
  • Enhancing personal impact and performance
  • Identifying solutions to specific work-related issues
  • Increased openness to personal learning and development


  • Greater commitment and buy-in from directors and senior managers 
  • Retaining talent and keeping staff engaged
  • More creative outlook in business planning
  • Improved management of other staff
  • Building positive relationships between people and departments
  • Facilitating the adoption of a new culture in your business

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Psychotherapy, Coaching & Counselling in Haywards Heath & City of London

Psychotherapy, Coaching & Counselling in Haywards Heath & City of London